We Help eCom Brands Profitably Grow From
5-6 Figures A Year
To $1,000,000 Per Month In 12 Months Or Less
Without “Guesswork” Or Having To Get Funded

To whom it may concern, growing an eCommerce brand is hard. eCom Capital makes it a whole lot easier, quicker, more predictable, less stressful and more fun. Without you having to get funded.

The 7-Steps to 7 Figures/Month with eCom Capital


Market Research & Validate Powerful Product-Market-Fit

We will perform extensive market research to determine the most profitable advertising channel and creative styles for optimised conversions. If necessary, we work with you to update your product line for maximum profit.


Engineer High Margins (>30%) after COGS and Advertising Budget

We will look at your best performing products, and re-optimise pricing points to maximise your profit margins.


Single Channel Scale

We start by building and managing your marketing on just one channel to optimise. Our Digital Marketing experts develop your targeting, copywriting, creative and campaign architecture. We track numbers and split test daily.


Achieve a high conversion rate at scale (>2.5%)

We ensure that your assets are build and developed throughout your advertising and website are optimised. Our CRO experts do a complete website audit, landing page development and management to ensure the highest conversion possible.


Increase Average Order Value (>$100)

We ensure that your brands average order value is as high as possible. We engineer in our proprietary Upsell Machine to ensure that every single customer isn't just spending the bare minimum.


Install Customer Retention Mechanisms (>33% Repeat Customers)

We build out your platform to include advanced E-mail, SMS and Push marketing automation (A Frequency Machine) to build a loyal customer base which returns to purchase again. Further to this, we look at engineering in eCommerce subscription models, providing you with consistent monthly recurring revenue on demand.


Marketing Firestorm

With everything built and ready, we launch the jets and create an absolute marketing firestorm by sourcing affiliate armies, scaling your business on every single major online advertising platform and get you featured on major PR outlets so that you can become the apex predator and a household name within your niche.


List of brands we have worked with such as Fox News, Elite Daily, Yahoo Finance

More than just an Agency

eCom Capital is a full-service eCommerce firm. We are not simply an agency. We have helped thousands of clients start eCommerce businesses from scratch, have helped hundreds scale, and also own our own eCommerce brands which we operate in-house. We have an ever expanding list of accredited investors who are also always looking for an opportunity to buy into already up and running eCommerce businesses.

The eCom Capital team is committed to becoming the worlds top platform for eCommerce, whether it is in starting, investing, or scaling an existing business.


Leading Force to Incubate & Accelerate eCommerce Growth

We are not just a typical eCommerce marketing agency. We are a platform for growth. We value speed and precision in execution of all the key growth activities for your brand. We cover all front-end marketing bases from front end marketing to web development and advanced landing page optimisation.

eCom Capital

Typical Agency

Outsourced Contractors

Pre-Launch Analysis

Complete Business Overview & Optimisation

Minimal Onboarding Preparation

No Pre-Optimisation

Time to launch

0-2 Weeks

4-6 Weeks

No “True” Launch

Front-End Marketing

Audience Selection, Full Copy & Creative

Audience Selection, Copy & Creative

Multiple Hires Required

Shopify Development

Full Stack In-house Specialised Team

1 General Developer

Non-Holistic Approach

Back-End Growth Strategy

3-12+ Month Technical Growth Roadmap

Service not typically provided

Service Not Provided

Influencer Database

Bespoke Research Team

Sometimes Present

Manual Outreach

Logistics & Operational Guidance

3PL, Scaling, Support, Manufacturer Relations

Sometimes Present

Service Not Provided

Find the eCom Plan For You

At eCom Capital, we offer growth consulting services for all sizes, to fit your specific needs. Whether you are a start-up company looking to hit your first 100k, or even just your first 30k month. Perhaps, you are ready to scale from 500k months to the magic million dollar month and beyond. We have the appropriate package for you to help you hit your goals.



Currently Generating $0-$75,000 in Monthly Sales

Monthly Adspend at $3,000 - $15,000

No Setup Fee

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Currently Generating $75,000-$500,000 in monthly sales

Monthly Adspend at $15,000 - $100,000

Includes Starter Package, Plus:

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Bespoke Pricing


Currently Generating $500,000 + in monthly sales

Monthly Adspend at +$100,000

Includes Professional Package, Plus:

Dusting Brooks — $70k in 90 days

Since launching my eCommerce business with Ecom Capital I’ve done $10,000 in sales within 15 days.”

Dusting Brooks


0% in revenue


$150k+/year store


90 days

Dusting Brooks — $70k in 90 days

Since launching my eCommerce business with Ecom Capital I’ve done $10,000 in sales within 15 days.”

Dusting Brooks


0% in revenue


$150k+/year store


90 days

More Than Just An Agency
A Platform for Growth

Expert Team

All clients of eCom Capital have a team of 7-10 dedicated technical experts to help your brand grow.

All Industries

Expertise within all broad D2C eCommerce Apparel, Beauty, Health, Sports, Pets, Home & Garden, Food & Drink, Toys & Hobbies.

Systems Engineering

Our Clients D2C eCommerce marketing systems have been built from the ground up. Nothing is left to chance.

Influencer Database

We have an ever-expanding network of influencers, joint venture partners and PR outlets within every industry to tap into to help promote your business.

Interest-Free Funding

We offer our quickest growing clients an injection of capital to incubate and accelerate their growth.

Creative Partners

Our team of creative partners are able to generate market-leading top quality creative to help your brand scale to the next level.

FAQs About Our Growth Consulting Service

In just 6-weeks, we’ll help you scale your business and turn it into a machine, here’s how.

Book a call to learn more about how eCom Capital can help scale your business to 6 figures or more per month, fast.